Sunday, 8 April 2007


Dary tram
Originally uploaded by MKWM.

Implementing Quarsan's entry on the subject, if you ask me what colour is a tram, I will answer " yellow and blue", without a second thought. If it wasn't for its characteristic noise, I wouldn't have noticed that trendy 91 tram passing by chaussée de Charleroi in Saint-Gilles.

This particular tram is a moving commercial advert but some of them have been painted and decorated "for our eyes only". Among other colours, in grey and light brown, not to mention ours busses now bear disctinctive Art Nouveau features.

Lovely... but I hear this causes problems to drivers and bad seeing pedestrians for whom the classic blue and yellow was a way better tram...way.

Sorry, though, due to major renovation works, the tram museum will be closed in 2007 and 2008 but nostalgic citizens and tourists can still enjoy a ride through Brussels on a vintage tram.

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