Monday, 9 April 2007

Condom vending machine.

I came across this vending machine on a pharmacy wall - on the outside of a pharmacy, just down the road from the European Parliament. Are our MEPs promoting safe sex/at it like bunnies hence the need for the machine so that they can send their assistants along to get a packet of 10 or is Brussels showing off the fact that we're no bunch of prudes ?

Brussels never fails to surprise me.


Darkman said...

You can find these vendingmachines is practically all major cities near pharmacies. And of course inside caf├ęs. Started popping up a few years ago in order to better server the studentpopulation who need their fresh pack of condoms in the middle of the night when no pharmacy is open.

qaminante said...

What is funnier is where the pharmacy has closed down but the condom machine remains, in a location that no longer seems to make sense! I have often wondered whether anyone fills them in these circumstances.