Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Statues outside Charlemagne Building

I've always found these statues to be a little disconcerting. They look so organic in the sterile surroundings of stainless steel and glass. They certainly look suitably mischievous and playful as though they have suddenly arrived there from another world.

I've been googling around, but have failed to find out anything about them, can anyone tell me anything about them?


Drama Queen said...

Googling around? Does Zoe know?


Have also seen them and have no idea re their origin. Makes for a good photo though.

qaminante said...

They are by René Julien, and date from 1998; He is a Belgian sculptor (from Liège) who now works in France, see http://rene-julien.ifrance.com/dix-ans/menu.htm. As far as I know, the bronzes outside the Charlemagne don't have individual titles, I have only seen them referred to as a "group of bronze sculptures".