Sunday, 8 April 2007

39 Tram at Montgomery

This is the classic Brussels tram in its fetching yellow and blue.

Let's face it; trams are fantastic. I was brought up in a Northern English town, where the tram lines were taken up in WWII and all we had was the indentations in the roads of where the lines went. Near us was Blackpool, the now down at heel resort, where trams still run.

Every year they decorated the long seafront with illuminations, even the trams. We used to walk the length of the display and catch a tram back to where we started.

Now I live next to a tram line and I enjoy hearing them go past every now and then and sometimes I see their ghostly apparition as they drive in the night. Cars sound so disruptive and we're also under a flightpath, but the gentle rattle of a tram passing is a pleasant sound.


MKWM said...

Classic blue and yellow, bring it on!

quarsan said...

The Brussels trams are so cool you even get le Chat tickets

MKWM said...

As cool as can be, think about the new trams with leather seats 'n' all that. I reckon you've already seen Le Chat posters in the stations. If not, you know what to do...

Tippler said...

Having lived in Thornton-Cleveleys (north of Blackpool) and attended school in Lytham St-Anne's (to the south), I travelled to school and back by tram five days per week - right along the seafront.

It was a posh school (half were boarders) and detentions were on Saturday mornings.

So, quite often, I travelled there and back SIX times per week.

I was there between the ages of eleven and thirteen and had a copy of The Lord of The Rings with me - which I read over the months.

I also fell in love with a girl from the school next to mine - although I didn't speak to her for two years, despite travelling on the same tram as her every single day.

Basically, I'm a fan of trams.