Saturday, 7 April 2007

Congolese Protestor

There was a small demonstration by Schuman roundabout by a group of around 50 Congalese, protesting about the recent elections that returned Kabila to power and provoked violence.

These protestors gather quite often at Schuman, but this time they were put on a blocked off street and were outnumbered by police. There was no ill will and the police were relaxed.

Eventually they trundled off and One of the protest leaders thanked the police and said 'see you next time'.

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Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

The Belgian police are very very nice, as the song goes. Couple of weekends ago there were hundreds of them around St Josse with water cannon, riot shields etc. in case the Turks v. Kurds rumble kicked off again, but were chatting amiably with everyone on the street and popping into local bars to use the loo. I find it hard to believe they would turn into ferocious baton-wielding animals in a punch-up. They'd probably just go "Aw, come ON guys, let's just kiss and make up and we can all go buy some chips".