Sunday, 25 March 2007

You Gay Tea Dance

In Amsterdam, no lampost can be found without a bicycle attached to in, in Brussels it's promo stickers. Some of these are obscure and some are excellent examples of graphic design.

Anyway, after yesterday's post about the Catholic church, why not pop along to the Tea Dance after Mass? It's on from 7pm till 2am. More information over here.

I'm showing my age here, but what is a tea dance these days? I'm pretty sure it's not a slow waltz amongst the silverware and doillies.


MKWM said...

Q, you could have chosen a more orthodox link for our information, like this one. Their website is also an excellent example of graphic design. But I must confess I enjoyed watching the advertised Men’s Swimwear Line on Night (I think I need a cold shower now).

I don't know what a tea dance is like these days but I'll find out soon enough. Le You seems to be worth a visit, definitely.

quarsan said...

I checked that link out but found the site almost impossible to navigate and information on the tea dance was god knows where.

At least the link I provided told you where and when the event is!

Gwen said...

Le You is forbidden for any person over the age of 15, or so it seems. I advise you NOT to visit, or bring your baby sister (or go on some saturdays when the crowd seems to clear up around 2am, leaving only the 40 year-old leopard-thonged ladies to dance among themselves in the middle of the piste de danse).

About Tea Danses, I strongly urge you to visit the Jefke (campus de la Plaine, ULB) to rediscover the new TD (Thé Dansant). That is, if you don't mind the slight inconveniance of getting showered by cups of beer, vomit or urin.

Santé !

Drama Queen said...

I am so glad you posted this. BF and I found a pen in our flat saying 'You Gay Tea Dance'. We don't know where it came from and I was starting to get suspicious of BF, now I remember. . .but I won’t tell you.

MKWM said...

Gwen, that description reminds me more of the St-V than the TD.
Cheers anyway.

quarsan said...

Thanks, but i'm still no more enlightened about tea dances apart from the fact that 15 year old boys' urine features prominently.

Not overly tempting.

gwen said...

mkwm, the St V is just an exaggerated version of the TD. The TDs have the advantage of taking place 4 days a week, whereas the St V only happens once.