Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Meteor Shower of Aircraft

I live near Brussels' Airport, previously known as Zaventen. We've got another airport, Charleroi, that calls itself "Brussels South". Personally I think it would be more accurate to call it Luxembourg north.

There is a fair bit of noise - especially from a 6am cargo flight that drones over us. The worst is on the summer afternoons when we'll get a flight every 15 minutes going over for a couple of hours.

There's a long running saga between those who work at the airport and people under the flightpath over the noise. As expected there is a constant fudge and the issue isn't really resolved, but a rough temporary compromise wins the day.


zoe said...

i've always loved this photo - you're getting better using that camera of yours' :)

kissme said...

Whilst having a fag on the back step on day I reckoned, if all the seats were full, there were about 1500 people I could see in the sky - albeit in tin cans at the time.

And Zed is right (as usual) it is a lovely picture.

quarsan said...

Thank you very much. kissme, see cigarettes are educational ; )