Monday, 16 March 2009

Tamil Protest

A noisy demonstration by Tamils today, but it wasn't threatening to walk through and I got good access to the main stage.

There's some unpleasantness in Sri Lanka, but the Tamils have also got blood on their hands.


Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

It got a bit messy round Botanique where some demonstrators jumped down onto the expressway and blocked the traffic. The Belgian riot squad were brought in, and gave a master class in how to contain and defuse a few overexcited flagwavers without banging one head. An entertaining way to spend my lunch break.

Anonymous said...

sorry for that, we may be vast u'r time, but we don't have any other way than this. every day 100's of our people are dieing there! we are passing our days just with little hope "our relations not effected by this" we don't have any contact with them. there is no phones, no media, no medical, no international community or human watches.

what else we can do than this, how we can stay inside home without do any thing for our people.

we believe UK can do much for us. with all of u'r tolerances and all media help.