Thursday, 15 November 2007

Public Exchange Store

By Yota Ioannidou (Greece)

This is an interesting way of looking at exchange, currency and markets - things that obsess EU decision makers. This triangular cabin is where you can exchange goods for other goods or services.

Part of the Europhilia Agrofolly exhibition of 27 different works in 27 public squares, each artist represents their own EU nation.


MKWM said...

Speaking of exchanges, I just love the way you call this exhibition.

"Philia" is Greek for friendship and I presume "agro" would remind of the field where the artists grow before they reach the agora (provided they are not agoraphobic, natch, whereas being foolish or crazy would be a plus).

There you go, Q... you are the 28th here, representing a Secret EU Nation.

*χι χι χι χι (Greek laughter ;-)*

quarsan said...

Now I've got an image of Greek artists spending their youth grazing in a field.