Friday, 2 November 2007

Leo and the Lunar Tikis

Went along to see this fun band playing at an Upfront cocktail night. I't been a long while since I've seen a decent 'local band', having spent my youth listening to an endless stream of untalented dirge.

The Lunar Tikis have a few good things going for them. first of all, they're fun, they enjoy playing and show it. Secondly they have some good songs and mix in a few 60's classics, but they perform them with a vim and vigour that seperates them from a lounge band.

They're also nice people. That helps, so I hope people will check them out.


Simon said...

Thanks for coming , taking pictures , chatting with us and having this kind of comments we love to read! To stay tuned with Léo & The Lunar Tiki's there is the official web site of the Lunar Tiki's. And once you'll be
in the picture here.

Daphne Wayne-Bough, said...

Vim and Vigour sound fun, are they a local duo?

Flup K said...

Wow , somebody payed you for such a wonderfull review ? or had you too mutch Free Red cocktails? but I doubt it 'cause your photoshoots are very stable & you almost make us look beautyfull too...many thanx an hope to see you soon .
If all of this made you wonder 'bout (near the Basilique)metro SIMONIS
Feel (hip) Flup K

Flup K said...

Something went wrong so the adress of our next gig dissappeared... So second try LÉO & THE LUNARTIKI'S at The PLATOO ,Pantheonlaan 14 1081 Koekelberg > near Basilique >metro SIMONIS on Friday 9th november

laura said...

Twas great indeed. I got stuck behind some ole bugger that wouldn't move and kept singing Candle in the Wind under his breath (after the 5th cocktail) and couldn't get out to dance...but there is always a next time.

Simon said...

You should better choose your neibour before going out ;-)
Anyway it's still a pleasure to see you at the Tropa , specially -but not only- when we play . I have some other pictures of some lunatics who came to see us also ;-)
Next meeting at the Tropa on Dec 7th , but inbetween we play in other (less exiting) places

Flup K said...

Don't listen to that 'cause every place we play is exciting... and our two next places have much more space to dance and even on stage I won't be distracted by braking a basssnare (that's a lot of ssssword)...and I hope should have more dancespace on stage to ,so I can show U my dancing skills
Thanx again ,to everybody
dance the pogo >that takes less room