Monday, 19 November 2007

Je Reste Belge

Yesterday, I joined 35,000 other people in the unity march. As an expat, I take the line that Belgians should decide Belgian politics.

But there's a limit to that, especially when it decides a change of country.

It's also getting a bit silly. The politicians are divided over BHV and can't squirm themselves into a coalition. Here's an idea; let the people decide. Hold a referendum in BHV about the future of the communes.

In the meantime, living in BHV, I have no desire to end up in Flanders, almost entirely because I don't want to be ruled by a bunch of neo-Nazis like the Vlaams Belang.

Besides I like Belgium, frustrating as it can be, there is something unique, charming and glorious about Belgium. Why split? Isn't life complicated enough already?

The march was great fun with a happy, playful and tolerant spirit. Lots of good natured people smiling at each other. we walked past the US embassy - who were do doubt in a state of shock and awe at not being abused or having chunks of paving stones lobbed at them.

We finished Under the arch and settled down to frites and beer.

1 comment:

Simon said...

Unfortunately I was in the UK this sunday , but as a true "belge" I am allways happy to read your dry and cool comments about our ridiculous problems ;-)
See you soon!