Sunday, 10 June 2007

Election Day

Oh God, it's the election. I have to be honest and say that I find the Belgian political process to be farcical. The voting is compulsory and done on computers.

We'll end up with is a messy squabbling coalition that nobody voted for that will bodge and make do until the next election. The computer voting will be accomplished in rapid time, thus allowing our politicians to squabble amongst themselves for several weeks until they finally emerge squinting into the daylight and inform the public who the political leaders have decided is going to be in government.


sapramiska said...

Interesting. I find the compulsory voting a little pseudo-democratic, don't you?

quarsan said...

I find much of Belgium's elections to be pseudo-democratic!

zoe said...

personally, i find compulsory voting a good idea. at least this country isn't a mess like the UK or the States where compulsory voting doesn't exist. i just wish that there weren't quite so many elections - i seem to be off to vote every 2 years.