Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Inside the Anspach Centre

I managed to find a large gap in the fence around the Anspach Centre and get inside. I spent a couple of hours wandering around taking photos. There was no security at all.

This is on the top floor, looking de Broukere. It looks like they're trying to keep the old facade and the floors seem to be there, although one set of stairs has been replaced by steel grids and steps.

The grafitti artists have begun to move in and are redecorating, though not too many, I only found a half dozen or so tags inside the building.


Juci said...

How adventurous! Did you wear a helmet or something? Or do you have an exceptionally hard cranium? Though that's something I should probably ask Zoe about.

quarsan said...

It was pretty safe and I stayed away from any areas that were taped off.

It was a lot less dangerous than being near Zoe ; )

Tippler said...

The security letters for this comment were 'iyygri'

Which sums up my response to your comment, Q.

(For Zoe's benefit - everyone else look away now - 'I agree'.)

zoe said...

tippler, you now owe me TWO bloody marys for that comment.

Q, you owe me another two - oh, and you're sleeping on the couch again tonight.

john.g. said...

Zoe, you're very harsh!