Monday, 2 April 2007

Strange Tram Sign

I noticed this sign on our local tram stop and I've been trying to work out what it means.

Currently my best guess is 'Dont put leaves between trams'.

It is remarkable how many signs are difficult to understand, but some others aren't just clear, they also look really good. I've got some great exapmles of this that I'll sahow you later, but in the meantime, ponder a while on the existential glory that is this sign.


Anonymous said...

Leaf a gap between trams?

Frank said...

Actually, this is a sign for the tram drivers, warning them that when leaves are falling in autumn, they will need a much longer time and distance to stop the tram, hence they need to leave more space between trams. In the past, several collisions between trams have taken place when leaves were lying on the tracks.

hans said...

Especially a problem on line 44 (tervuren); a beautiful lane with a lot chestnut trees, but the leaves make the rails slippery in automn.

Another typical problem on that line are the roots of the trees, they cause a bumpy tram ride!

Juci said...

It is a prophecy. 'In the year of the Black Leaf, the Great Tram Wars shall begin.'

zoe said...

i think it means that there must be at least the space of a leaf between each tram, but Quarsan thinks that's stupid.