Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Stockel Metro

My local Merto station, photographed on a Sunday morning before the massed accordianists turned up for work.

I think the Metro is fantastic. I love the artwork in them ( and I'll show you the gorgeous Tintin mural at Stockel later) even if a lot of it has me shaking my head.

Unlike the cramped London Underground, the stations are bigger and the trains more spacious and comfortable. It's also photographer friendly, as I often buy a 4 Euro day ticket and wander around the city on trains and trams taking pictures.

They've just banned the musicians from the Metro. They were people who would play a bit and go along the carriage asking for cash. In many ways it was a pleasant change to hear music and at least these people weren't trying to make money by stealing, but by using their talents.

That said, I think I've heard 'Volare' enought times for one lifetime.


Juci said...

Have you noticed how they all (used to) play the same songs in the same order? As if there was a guild of subway musicians that determined what you could play. Sometimes their music is enjoyable, and in the subway there is a lot of other noise to drown it out anyway, but they could get really annoying on the tram if they stood too close and started plucking away on their guitars and howling like somebody was holding a gun against their heads. I really can't say I miss that.
Oh, and there are designated areas in subway stations where a musician can still practice their art. It took me months to figure out what the treble clef sign with a green arrow pointing downwards meant. That's apparently where you can stand and make music.

dez said...

quarsan, that's a really nice one. I just love symmetry, in almost anything.

quarsan said...

I was in de Broukere a few days ago and they were piping out the tunes, which included Kylie and peaches en regalia by Frank Zappa.

wouter said...

I love this picture. Like dez says, the symmetry is really nice.

brackeblogt said...

nice shot dude!