Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Botanique Metro Station

All Brussels Metro stations have works of art in them and this is one of them. It consists of a huge disc and two towers, just out of view. A close up is in my flickr stream.

I think it is a fantastic idea to have all this public art. True a lot of it doesn't do much for me, but some is interesting and works like this are outstanding.

From the Guide to Art in the Metro:
Martin Guyaux chose the Botanique station to install his work there. He regards "" as a great solar voyage, which will cause the emotion and the dream. Visual and tactile perceptions are the only requirements for this voyage. Guyaux considers this work as a solar magma which crosses the time and which will cross these two large doors to enter another universe. They are an enormous solar bronze disc and monumental bronze doors. By this work, Martin Guyaux aims at expressing a concept of sculpture to the horizontal one, whose destiny is vertical. The artist opposes in addition savagely the use of bases because, in his opinion, they disturb the sculpture.


Drama Queen said...

Never ventured that far on the metro and when I do I don't take much time to look around. Must pay more attention!

quarsan said...

Every now and then I but a day ticket and just wander around with my camera.

The art is patchy but some of it I just love. I'll soon put a photo of my favourite ones though.

Drama Queen said...

Yes. I think I should do that too. Must get a good camera first though.

And, eh, #ahem# BUY a ticket for the metro?? Haha, just kidding. . .