Friday, 30 March 2007

Street Painting

Ah the arrival of Easter. It's often difficult to remember when Easter starts each year, but I have an infallible way of getting the date right. It's two weeks after all the European towns and cities start roadworks in earnest.

This ensures the maximum traffic chaos over the holidays.

These guys were cracking on whilst repainting the no parking zones. not that anyone actually enforces them, mind. One guy slapped a plank down on the edge and the other quickly sprayed the paint. Poetry in motion.


dez said...

good observation, quarsan :) it is not only towns and cities though, I'm afraid. I have a bad feeling about going to Charleroi today. I know they have some kind of road maintenance/painting going on. to this adds the usual heavy friday afternoon traffic, and I guess I can expect a two hour drive. crap.

Belgian timing for doing some construction work on/next to roads does not only have a seasonal rhythm, but also a daily one. they start up right before the morning rush hour begins, thus making it impossible to get to places in time. my colleague once ran into a gas station signpost-removal (over 10 meters tall pillar) around General Jacques around quarter past 8 in the morning. or I could mention my own 10 km adventure on a saturday morning when it took 2 hours for me to get from Sterrebeek to NATO (highway exit lanes closed, combined with simultaneous road painting jobs and hedge trimming). ehh, sorry for my morning ranting.

Princess Benelux said...

Did you get slightly high from the paint fumes? I saw these guys painting the zebra crossings at Avenue Louise and there were a lot of chemicals in the air!

quarsan said...

ehh, sorry for my morning ranting.

Oh, feel free!

Princess, I'm not sure if it's the paint fumes, but looking at those day-glo outfits could get me tripping!

zoe said...

belgians love to dig up their roads bang, smack in the middle of summer. and people may say that not being allowed to mow your lawn after such and such a time, or on sundays is stupid - but believe me, much as i love the first lawn mowers setting off in spring, by the end of march/april i'm sick of the noise!