Thursday, 29 March 2007

Hello from Princess Benelux


I love Brussels, it's a cool place to live with lots of opportunities to go out and have fun.

I'd like to thank Quarsan for letting me join this blog and I'd like to start with a photo of one of my heroes, Tintin, who is one of the reasons I heard Belgium in the first place. Like Tintin, I'm a journalist, but sadly I haven't managed to crack any international jewel-smuggling rings yet - and I don't have a cute white terrier either!

This mural is a big Brussels cliché but I still love it - especially because the next stage on the tour when I'm showing friends round town in normally a beer in Delerium...

My role model


quarsan said...

Hi Princess. Thanks for joining the team I'm looking forward to seeing more of your photos.

For visitors, check out our Princess' blog.

zoe said...

oh wow, that's awesome as one of my daughters would say.