Thursday, 22 March 2007

Crazy Corner

Whilst Brussels can sometimes look like a city of steel shutters, a growing number of business' are decorating them, making a row of closed shops into something colourful rather than drab and soulless.

It's also good marketing because people like me will photograph it and advertise their shop!


MKWM said...

Wonderful indeed. All these colours are adding a tad "crazyness" to this street corner.

Q, I've seen your pic gallery. You're doing a great job with that camera of yours, keep it up. I will join in, sending you some of my shots + comments soon.

quarsan said...

mkwm, i can invite you. it's straightforward enough to add photos, especially if you put them on flickr - you can blog directly from flickr.

MKWM said...

Q, that e-stuff is all Greek to me, literaly, but I'll look into it and ask for explanations if necessary.