Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wheels of Steel

The Brussels police have aquired some Segway 'personal transportation' things (well what are they, vehicles, scooters?) thus enabling officers to chase criminals whilst smoking a cigarette. This may improve the crime stats, but with Belgium having the highest number of prison escapes, per capita, in the world arrest may not hold the disincentive it once had.

Still, although I've not seen one being used by the cops, I hope to, if only to brighten my day. Apart from being a method of transport, it's also a device designed to rob the user of any dignity.

I'm also wondering where they will be used. I wouldn't like to use one on the road and the pavements would be just too crowded, so maybe they're going to be used in parks. I notice the one on the right seems to be an off-road version, judging by the tyres.

What is alarming is that there is a tourist company offering Segway tours of Brussels. Oh Lord, I want to photograph that!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Typical abuse of taxes....

get the police to run around in the early morning and loose their bellies.....

maybe they could use the tax dollars better by actually dressing as plain clothes civillians while taking over the traffic police job - thats the only way to see and witness inn a covert way the stupid drivers in this country - that way at least they wont be a fat waste of our tax money!!!!