Wednesday, 8 April 2009


The Metro cameras have opened up a new world of voyeurism for bored passengers. I was watching this chap, in front wearing a cap, and finally recognised him. It's the Duke of Edinburgh.

Still, it distracted me from wondering why STIB have made the most convoluted Metro system, out of essentially two lines. It is just mad. There are two Simonis stations, that doen't connect. That can't possibly cause any confusion. The Stockel - Erasmus line has been decapitated at Beekant and there's a circle line that doesn't join up properly.

Then they try to impress us by having two tram lines count as Metro lines. Guys, we noticed.


Mich said...

The two Simonis stations are the same. One is just level "-1" and the other "-2". The reason they have put it like "Elisabeth" and "Leopold II" is just that it would be confusing to say to people "this side goes to Simonis, the other to Simonis as well". Have you been on it?!

I agree for the rest. The two tram lines as metro just make me lough out loud. But they are branded as "strong tram lines" because they are almost 100% separated from traffic.

Matthew said...

I got on the wrong metro today. Both were going to Elisabeth, only the one that I got on on, wasn't. Ggrrr.

psylophone said...

I was dismayed at first, but now recognise this rebranding as a classic Belgian exercise of using false complexity as a means of avoiding scrutiny (see, e.g. any branch of the Belgian civil service). In this case, we have to pretend that Brussels is a really big international city with a huge and complex metro system to match. If the truth is discovered, all those Parisians and Londoners will want to move to a city where you can live in the country and commute to the city centre inside 20 mins. So please don't tell!