Friday, 19 September 2008

Patently Striking

Patent examiners and other staff of the European Patent Office demonstrated today outside the European Commission offices, demanding a thorough re-examination of the EPO. They claim that the organisation is decentralising and focusing on granting as many patents as possible to gain financially from fees generated. In 2007 the national patent offices had an income of 300 million Euros from patents granted by the EPO.

The staff union, SUEPO, say that lowering the quality of patents will have a disastarous effect on innovation which will affect every consumer.. Their 'Save The EPO' campaign is not aimed at increasing wages but in reinforcing patent quality.

They held talks with Commission officials, requesting a general study on patent quality and a review of the administation of the EPO, highlighting the importance of inovation as a generator of employment in Europe.

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