Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Broken Bin

I've seen so many bins like this, it must be a design problem. It doesn't stop them being emptied or having new liners put in, but they're never repaired.

I think STIB is on a bit of a design kick right now and the humble bin is low down their list of priorities.

They 'improved' the shelter at our local stop recently. It used to be two rectangular shelters with only a roof, but each could hold 20 people.

Now we've got one of the new 'designer' ones. It can shelter a grand total of four people and has a seat that is always cold and slippery. But at least the roof now has a little wave in it.

And that's progress.


be.bart said...

We had a similar joke in Antwerp: the company that installed the shelters bribed some people of the bus company apparently. So now they had to take all the shelters away, and another company could install theirs.
That meant that perfectly good bus shelters were taken away, then we had to wait several weeks in the cold (last winter) and then they installed new ones, that look modern but that protect you as well from the rain and cold as an umbrella does in a submarine that dives with all the hatches open.

The Secret said...

It's just nuts. How did these plans get approval?

Even worse, they're cutting trees down like a crazed Amazonian oil company.