Friday, 1 June 2007


We got caught in a short but very heave storm. It often rains here, but compared to the UK Lake District, it's positively tropical.

So, it doesn't always rain in Belgium and the weather isn't terrible. It's quite nice and pleasant. Mostly.

Well compared to the horrors of the Cumbrian climate... and I worked within a few km of the wettest place in England.


GE said...

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Please keep us informed of any changes to it.

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Frank said...

Recent studies in Ukkel/Uccle (where the Belgian national weather station is located) showed that between 1930 and 1997 it only rained for 6% of the time. So during 94% of the time it does not rain in Brussels!
The perception of Belgium being a rainy country can probably be explained that most rain falls between 3 pm and 6 pm, when most people go home from work.

quarsan said...

ge, thanks for that and i'll add a link to you in return.

Frank, i worked on a mountain that had over 2m of rain a year. I remember once, for 20 days we had 100% cloud cover.