Friday, 29 June 2007

Espace Speculoos

During the holidays, every Saturday, from 14:00 to 16:00, the Place de la Monnaie is host to Espaces Speculoos and a wide range of usually very good street performers strut their stuff for free.

The photo is from last year and shows a wonderful and engaging performer, Tom Oskar

Highly recommended.

But, that's not all. At the same time the Place also hosts the start of the 2007 Brussels World Naked Bike Ride. The organisers haven't asked or received permission for mass nudity so the police could be out in force and it could end up in a riot.

From the Bike website:
On June 27, the authorities of the town of Brussels contacted us by e-mail to mean that the gathering will be able to take place under pretext only the mode of expression of the event, nudity, "would not take account of the codes of conduct of the company in particular with respect to the children." and points out that no formal request for authorization was sent to them, "as that must be the case for any demonstration". They add that "It is not a question to blame the pacifist character which you allot to this event nor even your will to alert the opinion on the dangers of circulation which in addition mobilize largely the Town of Brussels".

I'm not too sure what that means either.

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