Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Tram and Mural

This is one of Brussels' famous murals, depicting cartoon figures. This one is Marcel Marlier's character 'Martine'. Passing by is one of our new trams. They're faster, smoother and quieter than the old ones.

They're also as dull as ditch water. Instead of the bright yellow and blue we get grey and beige. A somewhat uninspiring combination. It also makes them hard to spot, something you would want to do.

Anyway, enjoy the scene


Paul said...

This is a 20-30 years old tram of the 77xx series but repeinted in the new grey style.

The most recent trams have numbers like 40xx and 30xx, and those which are almost 10 years old now have numberrs like 20xx.

quarsan said...

Oh Right. I haven't seen these in Brussels till recently - and I've only twice seen the new trams on my line.

I'll try to find out more, but I prefer the old style trams.

qaminante said...

It's supposed to be silver and bronze (at least on the outside), not grey and beige!! I'm wondering whether STIB will change its whole livery, including ticket machines etc., seen no sign of it so far.