Thursday, 12 April 2007

Bazaar Restaurant

This place is rather disturbing to look at on the outside, but inside it is done up like an eccentric Moroccan palace. Serving good food and having a chic disco downstairs makes it stand out.


I've never been there. I was stunned by the exterior and very thankful that I was completely sober when I passed by. It reminds me of the 'dazzle camoflage' used on some battleships.

But that's Brussels; The unusual, the unexpected and the creative around every corner.


Tippler said...

Hey Q, it's a great place.

I have a rather splendid picture of an exotic dancer doing her stuff right next to me.

And the food was good too.

quarsan said...

Looks like i'll have to check it out. Shall we leave the ladies at home and book a table?